Sketch, Share and Evolve your Application Design using 10Screens


Creating a visually engaging user experience is essential for any software application. With the growing demand of modern applications, the importance of creating UI/UX designs that stand out has become paramount. Thankfully, platforms like 10Screens help developers and designers sketch, share and evolve their application designs quickly and easily.

10Screens offers a comprehensive suite of features such as wireframe development, design collaboration, prototyping and testing. This helps designers and developers create high-quality user interface designs with improved productivity. Developers can use this platform to develop several screens at the same time, across a variety of device sizes, screens and resolutions. Plus, you can also view integrated analytics to help guide your design process and develop more effective products.

What makes 10Screens so useful is its simple drag-and-drop approach. Designers can quickly and easily develop a variety of user interface design elements on their chosen screen size. Additionally, 10Screens also enables teams to collaborate virtually on the same project in real-time, through a secure cloud-based workspace. This helps speed up the development process significantly by reducing time spent on manual document updates between team members.

With advanced features like design changes history, graphical assets library and task management capabilities available at your disposal, you can easily keep track of each aspect of your project in one centralised space. The comment tool enables team members to provide comments directly within the workspace in order to foster discussions and improve efficiency on projects. Plus 10Screens integrates seamlessly with popular apps such as Invision and Marvel so it’s easy to manage your entire workflow in one place.

In short, 10Screens makes it easier than ever before for developers and designers to create high-quality designs with improved productivity. With its intuitive drag-and-drop approach and real-time collaboration capabilities, not only do amazing things get done faster – but you’re able to stay ahead of the curve without compromising quality.

Are you a mobile application developer that is looking for a platform to quickly visualize and test your app designs? 10Screens provides an incredibly easy and efficient way for developers to sketch, share and evolve their application designs.

By using 10Screens, developers can create visual representations of the entire user story simply by leveraging existing wireframes or elements. This, in turn, provides an opportunity to pinpoint potential usability issues and evaluate how users interact with the design. You’re also able to rename any element of your design to ensure everything is easy to understand. For example, when creating a button or link that points to a specific page or feature, you can quickly assign it a meaningful yet generic name such as ‘about’ or ‘contact us’.

Aside from the visualization capabilities, 10Screens has integrated tools that allow for quick prototyping, user testing, usability analysis, feature prioritization and brainstorming. Developers can easily create interactive prototypes that capture all possible user journeys from start to finish. If any design flaws are found during testing, the prototypes provide insight into how best to fix them before the app goes live. With 10Screens’ instant feedback cycle and end-to-end app management tools, you can move through the process of tackling complex problems and iterating on a design much faster than with traditional methods.